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Here's My New Dials

Mr Mole

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try it with the car in daylight, or if in the garage, turn the camera onto night mode (with no flash)

and hold it very steady on th steering wheel boss with both hands or it will be blurred due to the

long shutter speed.

I wonder where you got the inspiration for dials like that :whistling:

From yours mate but decided to IMPROVE on the design :lol: :lol:

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Looks good Mole, bet you can't wait for that snow to go aswell, has your camera got a Macro mode on it if so use that aswell when taking your pics.

Never thought of that will try that later and remove the poor pics and replace with better ones

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They look good mister mole. :P

Although im a bit surprised they actually fit, i could of sworn that you have a sunroof and those dials are only meant to fit the s model without the sunroof???? thats a bit strange indeed :whistling::lol:

Yes we had to bash them a bit to get them to fit :P :P :P

The pics dont do them justice so will be taking better ones tomorrow mate :winky: :winky:

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