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Hi lexus owner i am going to be purchasing a second hand is250 but need some help.

I want my is250 to come with the following Mark Levinson audio system and the Sat nav screen. I am going to be buying a manual so which model has this installed. plz help

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Hi there, welcome to LOC!

If you're buying second hand, all models were available as a manual and the satnav and mark levinson audio all came together in what was called the "multimedia pack" which was an option on all models. Therefore whichever trim you decide to go for there will be some with and some without so you just need to find the right car.

Have you considered the auto? It's a fantastic box and suits the car a lot better, plus it's more economical and is in a lower car tax band.

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Don't write off the Auto.

I went from an Auto Jag to manual on the car I've just traded, as I wasn't keen on the Auto. Then I drove the IS in both guises. The IS has a superb Auto box from what I've experienced. Drive them both first on a good long test drive, then decide.

As for Sat Nav and ML Audio, as has been said just look around till you get one up to spec.


Greig :D

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Just as an side, if you're unsure of the spec. of the car you are looking to buy, you can call Lexus Customer Services to verify what items came factory fitted to the car - so you know exactly whats there from new and what may have been added later.

My advice would be to verify the spec. level of the car from the V5 document and then speak to Lexus to find out what came with it 'factory fit' for that model year.

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