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Computer Or Console Games That Feature The Nurburgring Track?


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Hi guys,

I'm not really a gamer but I used to enjoy playing the occasional Forza 2 on the Xbox 360 with the full Nurburgring track on it (good practice for if/when I go on a LOC trip to the ring) :D

The console is my younger brothers and he sold it and bought a PS3 last year, so no more Forza 2 :(

What games on the PS3 have the Nurburgring track on them that are currently out to buy?


Anees :)

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I don't actually know but am interested to find out as I'd like to have a go at what the 'Ring is all about.........

The one I can think of that probably has it is Gran Turismo 5 but I don't have it so don't know

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Yep I think only the original 20gb ones had full compatibility (actually had PS2 hardware in them)

The 60gb ones are partly compatible, can play most PS2 games using software emulation (which wasn't particularly good)

Beyond this I believe they can't play PS2 - I know for sure the 40gb one can't, not entirely sure about the 80gb one. The 160gb definitely can't either.

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I have not really played computer games for many years, but yesterday my brother got GT5 and I must say WOW!!!!! On a HD TV the realism is wonderful....just need to presuade him he needs a steering wheel next......... :whistling::lol:

Will have a go with Grid too, so thanks Johnboy :)

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It was in GT4 on the PS2 so dont see why it wont be in 5.

Possibly get GT4 for the PS2 as they run in PS3's dont they?


Only 60gb PS3's have the PS2 backwards compatible mode built into them, as of now NO PS3 games have the "Ring" on them.

GT5, when it comes out next year some time, will have it belive me... :whistling: :whistling:

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