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Scarlatti Red Is200se


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Just seeing what the waters like so to speak

Be givern a trade in price for my car without it being viewed yet and i was quite surprised.

cars is completely standard now except for a rear spoiler and has only 30k on the clock

hasnt got the private plate on now so its back to an '04'

what do you reckon i could sell it privately for, did some investigating and looking at similar cars of that year with more mileage they are on forecourts at around £8000 to £8500.

i wouldnt sell mine for that much so what you think

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Any figure offered is a good figure if you are happy with the offer. P/ex valuations will vary enormously from dealer to dealer dependant, amongst other factors, on how quickly they think they can resell, their profit expectations and also the profit on the car you are looking to buy.

The only thing which I have ever considered when changing cars is the "cost to change" and whether it is worth it.

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With the struggle that dealers are going through at the moment, I would've thought you'd be able to push a dealer into a better overall deal than by selling the car privately in this climate.........

Those cars in dealers that are up at £8-8.5k are probably only going to get sold for £6.5-7.5k if at all, so unless you're really lucky I think it will be hard to get much interest as a private sale

Guess it doesn't matter too much if you're not in much of a rush..............good luck with the sale anyway :)

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It's all very well saying you might get £8000 for it on a forecourt but if no one will buy it then the cars' actual value is £zero. It's only worth what someone will pay for it. Add onto that all the costs of advertising and all the hassle it costs and so on and you're not really any better off. When I sold mine (on an 05 plate) it was on sale for over a year at varying prices - from run of the mill private sale price to bargain basement and I didn't have one serious call about it and only 2 or 3 'enquiries'. Even trading mine in was a headache as hardly any dealer would touch it because of how difficult they are to sell.

With cars that are a bit more tricky to sell, then I always think part ex is a better option - ok you don't get as much for it but that's the pay off for doing things the easy way.

It's never the part ex quote that matters - it's the cost to change.

If you do try to sell privately, wish you all the best.

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nice car chris!

I traded in my is 200se 53 plate with areo pack 2 last month for £5000 as I didn't think it would sell, but garage sold it the following week for £7000.

its the first time ive bought a new car and felt sad to see the old one fade into the distance in the rear view mirror.

I am over the moon with my new car but still think I should of tried to sell it private.

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