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Bell Insurance - Opinions?


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Just been hunting through the usual places for car insurance and these guys (Bell Insurance, part of Admiral) came up 140 cheaper than most! Thats with teh induction and lower springs included!

Anyone used them before?

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I was with Bell for a time, no problems until I changed the car for an import. Told me they didn't do imports and as it was part way through the year they decided what they would have to do is cancel and charge me lots of dosh for the favour ;) Joke is they are part of Admiral who do cover imports :rolleyes:

Have you tried A-Plan ? they do discount for LOC members and always try to get you a decent price

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Well I went with Bell in the end, fully comp with protected no claims and my mods declared was 277.

Aplan and Sky came in around £440, Admiral at £309

Adrian Flux were a nightmare... they have lost all my modification details (I have been with them for about 3 years now) and also didnt have business on my existing policy even though I had paid for it!. This was the icing on the cake for me with them - last time they refused to admit they had cocked up my change of address when I moved house. They were also unable to match the Bell despite their despite their claims in the renewal letter ("An unbeatable guarantee to beat any price"), best they could do is come down from £494 to £411.

So managed to save myself £217 pounds - which was nice! :)

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