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Having previously owned a GS300 SE (2005 model) I went away from Lexus for a while. The GS was a great car spoilt by a few niggles that really irritated me. Within two weeks of delivery, the dashboard had to come out to fix some persistent rattles and creaks. Not a good start and the dealer never did solve the squeak between the sat-nav screen and the dashboard. The radio reception was also pretty dismal and tyre noise was a real issue other than on smooth asphalt. Finally, I thought it mildy odd that such a technically advanced nation should choose to install a cassette tape slot but not allow you to play MP3 CDs. Anyway, I chopped the GS in for a VW Phaeton which was a great car spoilt by a dealer network that just couldn't give the level of customer service it warranted.

Which brings me back to last Sunday week when I took delivery of a new IS250 SEL Auto in Cadoxton Grey with grey leather interior having decided to give Lexus another try. Just over a week later and I still have a smile on my face. The car is so just capable in so many areas. The ride is firm but compliant, the auto box/engine combination is sublime, the multi media package is way ahead of the GS model, the auto wipers actually seem to work (not so in the other cars i've owned), the tyre noise is wholly acceptable, no creaks/rattles evident yet and the way the dealer handled my order shows why Lexus sets the standard other aspire to.

So, I'm back with Lexus and couldn't be happier.


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I didn't go for the 2009 car as I was determined to go with the standard 17" rims (old spec model) rather than the 18" ones

which are now standard on the SEL spec (2009). I value ride comfort over looks :) . Additionally, I wasn't too bothered about the fact that on the 2009 spec. car it would allow me to use the paddle shifts in "drive" mode which is something I cannot do in my vehicle. In fact, I prefer to use the gear shift lever rather than the paddles which I think are a bit of a gimmick.

One characteristic this car exhibits that is similar to that of the GS 300 is the "free wheel" effect which gives little or no engine braking when you lift the throttle. Rather than dabbing the brake frequently when travelling in traffic, I like to knock the gear lever into sport mode and leave it in either 3rd or 4th gear to give some engine braking effect ... if that makes any sense. I do the same going downhill to check the speed of the car.

I so much prefer my IS250 to the latest incarnation of the BMW 3 Series or the Mercedes C class.



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The Phaeton is a very underrated car IMHO; Not one that personally appeals to me, however I do appreciate the technology stuffed into it. Expensive car to run, own and maintain. Bet you're missing some luxuries from the Phaeton though!

I'm sure you'll be satisfied with Lexus :)

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