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Break Pad Warning Sesnor ?// Oil Changes


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Do 04/04 sport have a break pad warning sesnor. As my pads are getting low but want to get the most out of them before i damage the disks. I was wondering if they have a sensor like my old Audi.

Also how ofter would people advide a oil change I know lex say 1yr or 12k I do very low miles do you think every 6 months is to much.

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I guess that it all depends on your trips, I do a very low milage, my 05 Lex has only 26k on it but my trips are always pretty long ones, so the engine has a chance to get nice and hot, minimising condensation forming inside the engine, so I have left my oil changes at 10K.. If I did lots of short trips and lots of cold starts, then I would consider more frequent oil changes.. Changing the oil on the Lex is a doddle but do remember not to over tighten the oil filter as it is quite tight to access it and could be a pain to remove if too tight.

An oil change on a Lex is a pretty cheap job with parts and quality lube from a decent motor factor

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