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Lazy Wing Mirror

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Recently noticed that the offside wing mirror seem to be having difficulty in folding. In comparison, the nearside one folds without fuss and quickly (efficiently?) and there is definitely more noise (whirring) and delay (lags some 2 - 3 seconds behind the other mirror) when they fold.

Will speak to Lexus MK and see what they think, but I would like it replacing TBH as if anything the nosie is really annoying. Not sure what the threshold for replacement is, but will post back my findings for others...

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Had a few of these on the IS - pop the mirror glass out and clean/lubricate the motor section and gearing unit. Try that before they try and charge you for a new one (Assuming its out of warranty)

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Many thanks for the info Geoffers - but as you guessed it - car is under [Lexus] Warranty so its gone to them to be fixed. Interestingly enough they are going to replace the motor (or whatever is the offending part).

I did squirt some WD40 a while ago into the joints and it did seem to make a difference but I think the motor itself is starting to 'fail' as its making a deathly 'whirring' sound. Not sure why one should fail over the other, but hey, they're gonna fix it :)

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Got the car back, apparently they have replaced the entire assembly - I did enquire about the cost of work and was told that it was likely to be a little north of £400. They couldn't be exact as they hadn't had the invoice from the body shop yet :P

In replacing the entire unit they have had to re-paint the mirror housing before fitting. I had thought they would simply replace the motor (or something) - but hey I'm not complaining! :D

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