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Another Parking Ticket!


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I can't believe this but I've managed to get another ridiculous parking ticket! :tsktsk:

To be honest I can't really complain as much about this one as it was my fault, but it just annoys me at how ridiculous it was. Basically was driving through Kentish Town, through some side streets trying to find a particular street using my satnav. It took me down a road (again another quiet narrow side street) which was for some bizarre reason restricted between the hours of 4 and 7pm!

My fault for not really paying attention, it had this weird width restriction with a bus lane so while negotiating my way through I didn't actually notice that there was a "no cars" sign. Worst part was that it was 6.47pm so if I'd been 15 minutes later I'd have been fine :crybaby:

I just don't get it, the only reason I could think of for that restriction is to stop people using it as a short cut, but the stupid thing is that you wouldn't possibly use it as a short cut as it doesn't really go anywhere! Unless it's just there to catch out unsuspecting fools (like me :P )

Either way there's another £60 down the drain - or even worse, it's funding another speed bump :sick:

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That would be really annoying. Was it the Police that stopped you? You could have said something like you'd come to find a house that you'd seen for sale (that only works if there's a house for sale in the street). Maybe they'd have been sympathetic, then again maybe not.

It does scream of money making through dubious means.

Bite the bullet, have a rant, blame everyone else and then forget about it. That's what I'd do.

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I know that place mate its round the back of Queens Cresent, they put up some stupid little auto barriers when you can't use that bit of road. I think its between school and peak time i used to use it as a short cut when i lived in North London, takes you out to Gospel Oak station.

Unlucky it cost you £60 though mate sorry to hear that on top of Chrimbo coming.

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Sorry was a bit misleading - but driving offence ticket doesn't sound as good :P

Nah it wasn't a policeman, could have easily talked my way out of it if it were - as I was funnily enough actually going in there to look at a house......

It was all on CCTV, they sent me some nice pictures of my Lex too for good measure :)

@ Rich, yeah that's the one, on Grafton Road - good point, they should just have electronic barriers that just block you from using the road. But instead they welcome you through and get you on CCTV :angry:

Thankfully the money's not a huge issue, it's the principle that gets me, but yep, just gonna pay the ticket and forget about it as I've got far more important things to worry about.

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