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Hello everyone.

After much pondering, debate & endless searching I am to become a hopefuly proud lexus is200 sport owner.

Over the years I have joined vaious owners clubs for my cars, motorcycles & even boats & I must say most of them have been of very little help & only intrested in telling you what they have got.

After looking through the pages of this site I can honestly say I think I made the right choice in car and club.

Lots of posts lots of replies and lots of friendly communication.

Anyway I pick my car up on Tuesday it has been one of my ambitions to own a car like this I can hardly wait.

Look forward to hearing from anyone.



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Guest inicol63

Hi Darren welcome to the club.

Hope you enjoy your car and the club.

When you get the chance why not pop along to a club meet.

They have a couple around Essex one at Lakeside then the big one at JAE on MERSEY Island, you have to add this one to your diary.

Anyway enjoy


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Thank you everyone I feel realy welcome already.

I'm sure i'll get round to seeing you all soon. First opportunity I get i'll put some pics on although its only standard spec for a sport but is my pride and joy.

Thanks again all


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