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Mobile Tyre Repair


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Not a mobile repairer, they won't normally come out unless it is to replace the Tyre

(otherwise not enough profit in it for them mate).

I have a spare 17"OE wheel/tyre you can put on if you have no spare till you get it repaired ?

if it is a new tyre, these guys have a good reputation CLICK ME

Cheers for the offer Woz, much appreciated, but its not for the lex, its for the mrs corrola!!......its got a spare just couldnt be bothered to sort it out during the week, just thought if i could get someone out before than...., will put the spare on tomorrow and get it sorted.

Got out the car on Tuesday and could hear pssssssssssssssssssss, saw a screw in there, thought b :tsktsk: ks that will be flat by the put the littluns car seat into the lex and told her to use that.......wednesday afternoon i get a call from her saying the lexs Battery is flat!...she got the AA out, and Battery is knackered.....anyway went to Halfords as Battery is still under warrenty, and managed to get a HD one without paying any extra!! B)

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