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Window Tinting

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Howdy all. i want to get my windows done,but i just been reading that you cant tint your front side windows? surely thats gonna look ridiculous, clear front half of the car and dark back half?

any opinions, any one had em done anyway? u get caught? what the implications?

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Basically, you can do whatever you want to the windows behind the driver's head

Correct :D

..... and light smoke on the front side windows.

Incorrect :(

If you go to a Tint Specialist you will be told ANY TINT (other than the factory one) on the front windows is illegal.

Even the very very lightest tint films (in addition to the tint already in the glass) are borderline illegal.

(from Pentagon UK's website)

During the early part of 2004, Section 32 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations will be amended to include "Window Tint Films", where such materials attached to the glass are capable of reducing the Visible Light Transmission of forward windows to below prescribed levels. These changes will be back-dated to become applicable from 1st January 2004.

This will effectively ban virtually all tinted films fitted to windows forward of the B-Post on any vehicle that is to be driven on UK roads.

Consequently and in order to clarify the situation, the Government have finally decided to up-date the Regulations to specifically include Tinted Films since, in the view of the Police and the Department for Transport, this is the only way in which the problems of excessive tints can be remedied.

Unfortunately however, even tint films that may be considered to be safe for road use will now be viewed as in conflict with the Regulations, enabling the Police and Vehicle Inspectorate to take action against vehicle owners.

Nuff said. Even the very lightest tints are technically against the law, though a very very light tint might

get away without being noticed. However if it is that light, is there that much difference that makes it worthwhile ?

If you want to have them tinted, many companies will do it, but will ask you to sign a legal disclaimer that you are

aware that driving your vehicle on the public road is commiting an offence (to cover themselves).

I know it doesn't look as good, but on the other hand there are several club members who have had to remove

their tints after being pulled. It is nothing to do with wether or not the copper is having a bad day. It is against the law,

so he has every right to enforce the law (wether the law it is right or wrong).

I had my rears tinted, and can live with the fronts as standard, saves a lot of hassle IMO, just be aware you may

get a tug, and the associated hassles...producer & tint removal :o

Is it worth it ? Obviously the choice is yours.


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but will ask you to sign a legal disclaimer that you are

aware that driving your vehicle on the public road is commiting an offence

As is knowingly appling the film to a road legal vehicle an offence, so the disclaimer the worst thing to do !

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my fronts are lightly smoked and when the car has been parked up the plod have looked around it and not said a word and then proceeded to give a friend of mine a producer who was parked next to me for his tints which are no darker lol.

My dad is in the police and has a 20 years of traffic experience and has said my windows are fine giving that they have all the correct factory markings on them I shouldn't have any problems :)

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I used to think that just tinting the rear windows looked real silly and odd Now, i don't think that it looks too bad, i think it is because a lot of cars are now like it from the factory, the more you see it the more you get used to it.

I have always liked tinted windows always had them on my cars and must say never had any problems. I used to have really dark film when i was younger then grew older and wiser and now just have a real light tint.

But i know of people who have had it removed on the roadside!! Be warned.

While on the subject does anyone know what tint is on the new Benley? Mostly see it on the Flying Spur, kind of a bluey/misty look to it? Think it looks mint!

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