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Wtk: 1999 Rx300 Transmission Options?

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Good day to all. I have a 1999 Lexus RX300 with 100,000KM on the ODO and i am hearing a humming noise comming from under the vehicle when accelerating from a dead stop. It is only heard at lower RPMs and stops once the vehicle picks up speed over 50KM/hr.

Now from what i am reading everywhere, i fear that this may be signs of a transmission problem. If anyone has any idea what this noise could be please let me know.

Also, if my transmission has to be changed- i would like to know if there are any other compatible transmissions that i could use in my vehicle????

I dont know if this makes sense but i figure if most RX300's have transmission problems, why not change to a more reliable transmission from another vehicle??

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Always puzzled me this appears that in the states with the AWD option they have numerous trans failures at quite low mileages, where as here in the UK I have heard of....well none so far (although I am sure there must have been some at least!), and with road conditions I would have thought UK roads would pound the transmission far more than the US roads.....odd to say the least.

Best regards David

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