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Amazing Photos From Mumbai


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These photos really seem to capture what the news does not.

What has happend there truely saddens me that people can do this to each other in the name of religion (admittedly twisted and warped views on religion)

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Those really are some powerful pictures, it was a truly horrific event and for what reason I'm struggling to understand.

The part that confuses me most is that if they attack the west, and now the east, they aren't going to make any particular point, but instead these few fanatics are going to cause serious problems for all the decent muslims in the world. I'm not a racist person in the slightest, but even I now think twice when I see someone who fits the stereotype on the tube or at an airport - I absolutely hate thinking that but I can't do anything to stop it.

I was in madras earlier this year staying at the Marriott, where they had some seriously extreme (so we thought at the time) security with armed guards all over the property, metal detectors, car was searched everytime you entered by guards and dogs, and bags were checked when you entered the hotel. At the time it seemed a bit excessive and we joked with the hotel staff that this was american paranoia and it was because it was a US hotel chain.

It really saddens me to see that they were spot on with that security, and could also be the reason why they only hit the indian hotel chains and not the others (which would seem like more obvious targets)

As with 9/11 and 7/7, I really feel for all those people that have lost their lives for absolutely no reason and hope and pray that this never happens again.

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i think the total stands at 190 dead so far...

I cannot see what was achieved, it just makes me dispair at what these people are capable of..

How can any god reward those that kill indiscriminately...

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