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lizzy borden

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What's to discuss. If i do the project i intend to share the info for others if they want to do similar.

The web site i hope to set up will contain all the info i discover/develop. Not just for this but the luxlink and other stuff too.

If you delete it then your depriving others of info. What's next, book burning?

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You asked why, I have told you that you will be informed shortly. Belly aching about it won't get it back quicker (if at all).

Just be patient and you will be informed what is happening as soon as it has been discussed by the moderating team.

It has nothing at all to do with depriving others of information or book burning.

Take a deep breath, calm down and be patient.

Then again read my above post again and accept what it says.

Then take a deep breath, calm down and be patient.

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