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Tyre Recommendation

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Ok, so I needed some new tyres and found myself surfing for tyre reviews. Lots of "user" reviews, the sort where anyone can print their opinion ... like the manufacturer's laccy logging in and praising the product (or am I being cynical?) but very few reliable independent reviews.

Now I'm not a boy racer, I rarely thrash my wagon around the streets, and if I do more than 5k miles in a year I'd be surprised. Hell, I've probably got comfy slippers and a tartan rug in the boot of my "old man tank" as my missus calls it.

After a little looking about I bought a couple of Pirelli P7 235/45 R17 W. Good write up on a few sites, and not some Chinese ditch finders that Which? are warning folk off.

Anyway, paid about £103 per corner via those nice folk at Good price, excellent service, though the fitters I used were :tsktsk: so they'll not be on the xmas card list. That's another story and a liable case if I were to post it probably.

But what I really noticed driving back was how bloody quite they are. Very little road noise compared to the ones I had on before.

I can't believe I'm posting a recommendation about tyres. I really do have too much time on my hands nowadays!

Oh, and if anyone wants to use blackcircles, if they send me their email address and I recommend them, I think I get points/stamps/bananas for doing so, and you get a discount.

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