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Toyota Aristo Door Cards


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Hi All..

Can anyone point me to a how to ! On removing the rear door cards on a 1991 Toyota Aristo.. My electric window seems to have come off it's guides, so i need to get behind the door card to tyrying and rectify the problem..

I seem to have nearly removed the door card, but i'm sure there are some hidden screws or clips somewhere .. And i don't want to pull on the the card and end up breaking the securing clips and screws..



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Bump !!

Quite urgent reply needed as the car is unsecure at the moment.. :crying:



if you look round the bottom of the doors and in the duct for the window vents there are a load of screws, take these out, then gently prise off the square cover on the bottom section of the door card and undo that screw. You will also need to gently lever off the tweeter cover and take out the door latch handle cover. after that pull slowly from the bottom and you'll feel the pop stud fasteners give, if there is any resistance check for other screws. When you eventually get to the top simply lift up and out and the card comes away.

You may need to take the door lock/window controll panel out too for a screw. Its fairly easy though jsut go careful

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