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Passenger Mirror Problem


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THe other day I parked my car on a narrow street, so i folded my mirrors in (by the button) when i came back i flicked the button and the mirrors popped out, but the passenger side motor didnt stop, it just kept clicking like it didnt realise it had opened all the way. I checked the mirror had full movement and tried a few more times but it still failed to stop clicking.

The only way ive overcome this is by folding both mirrors in, then manually folding them out, but every time i start the car it resets them and i have to fold them out again! annoying :tsktsk:

Has anyone else had this problem and discovered the cause?

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Sounds like the current sensor is kaputski. It is actually part of and attached to the motor (unmarked so you can't replace). I'm not even sure if you can get the motor separately to a complete mirror housing.

You can disconnect for now. Take off the kick panel in the passenger footwell and look at the connectors around the fuses. Find the loom that goes into the door. The connector should be near the top left if I remember rightly. The closure motor cables are light green and light green/red stripe. Pop the pin out of the connector or even cut the wire to reconnect later. At least it will stop the mirror closure motor working. Adjusters and heater will still be fine, as will the drivers side mirror.

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