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Broadspeed And Prices For 2009 Is250

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Hi all

I've just checked for prices and apparently you can get a 2009 IS250SE-L automatic for £23,208 which is a discount of £5,028 or 17.8% They also list the IS250SE-I automatic for £21,256 which is a discount of £4,710 or 18%. These costs are said to include VAT, 12 months tax, full warranty and the cars are supplied by a UK main dealer.

Other internet brokers (eg seem to be offering more credible discounts around 11% which is about the discount I would think it should be possible to negotiate directly with a dealer in the current market conditions.

A quick search on the internet for comments from Broadspeed customers turns up both negative and positive feedback. I'm inclined to think that discounts of 17 or 18% must be too good to be true and so I'll need to continue searching for a good second-hand SEL which are generally priced at only a little less than Broadspeed.

Has anyone any experience of Broadspeed or other internet car brokers?

Best regards


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I think it was Broadspeed that offered one model(Dodge?) at half price. Very low takeup so they made it "buy 1 get 1 free" and sold out extremely quickly and had so many hits that their website crashed. They offer big savings on a wide range of manufacturers.

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On the Broadspeed web site MM for the SEL adds £2,281 and metallic paint £429. The navigation pack for the SEI is £1,536

Quoted delivery times on the Broadspeed web site for all the IS250 models is 10 weeks. However, some of the Broadspeed customer reviews you can find on the internet indicate there have been differences between promised and actual delivery times!! Equally, however, there are reviews from satisfied Broadspeed customers.

I've also found is quoting the 2009 SEL Auto with multimedia and metallic paint at £25,440

Interestingly the discounts available for the new Honda Accord on both of these web sites are substantially less than those quoted for the Lexus IS.

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Just as a matter of interest, are offering IS 250 SE-L Auto's at £23336, including 6 months road tax, all sourced from a Lexus main dealer, metallic paint costs an extra £455 inc vat.

Only catch is you must have completed the deal by December 20th.

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Hi chandru

If you click on the link for an email brochure on the web site you can now download the brochure for the new 2009 version. I was told that the printed brochures won't be with the dealers until mid January. The 2009 SE-L comes with a new style of 18 inch wheels as standard and there's a picture in the brochure but it's not very clear.

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