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Is200 Se Or Is200 Sport?


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Hi there,

My brother is really interested in buying a Lexus IS200 but he's not sure which one to get. We have seen a Lexus IS200 Sport with aero kit but also seen a Lexus IS200 SE with the Aero Kit too. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which is better or what the difference is between them as in are the suspension stiffer on the sports and does it really make that much difference to Insurance.

Also is there any difference between the 02 plate IS200 Sport and the 04 Plate IS200 SE like any updates. Any information will be highly valuable thank you very much :)

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If you look here:

Theres links for what to look for when buying, and also the specs of the IS200.

The Sport has the same stuff as an SE but with tinted windows, metal pedals and sils, lowered slightly, and an LSD. Along with some other bits.

But its also an insurance group higher for some reason.

If i was your brother i'd get a sport (i did). but its down to preference.


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I got a Sport too when I was looking. There's not really a big difference though, as Stav said. It's not like the Sport has got a different engine or anything, it's no faster. The only real "sporty" thing about it IMHO (other than cosmetics) is the limited-slip diff. Anything else you could add without too much trouble onto an SE. But there should be plenty of choice around at the moment, it's a real buyer's market. Take your time and you should be able to pick up a very nice motor.

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Are you looking at an 02 Sport and an 04 SE? If so, go for the 04 as it's newer!

Post 04 cars (SEs and Sports) have full leather interiors so there's a benefit of the newer cars, 05 SEs have satnav as standard as well, and the boot spoiler that's on the Sport.

Other than that, the Sport has more stuff on it and is the one to go for :)

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