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Update: Continental Cross Contact Uhp Tyres

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Now that I have had an opportunity to experience life with the Contis having as they have now scrubbed in (around 3K miles) I thought I would share my findings:

Aesthetically, the tyres look 'just right' IMHO. Not obtrusive or gawdy - chunky enough to hint that they are 4x4 tyres. The tread itself is pleasing to the eye and typically Continental - by this I mean the outside edge has a cut away design followed by orbital grooves through central portion of the tyre with a distinctive Continental inner edge. No doubt this tread pattern is what gives the Contis their high grip levels on the road.

Almost from the off, the tyres offered a very high level of grip, giving the car a positive feel through bends and on straights, coupled with precise handling that was lacking on the original Crapstones. They absorb the imperfections in the road well, without undue flexing or juddering (but this may be down more to the RX suspension) and do not read the camber in the road in an exaggerated fashion.

Dry handling is very good in the tyre, going round bends for example leaves the RX feeling sure-footed. The same goes for round-abouts as the car will hold its line with supreme confidence. Wet handling and inclement weather conditions are dealt with equal confidence. I have never had the TCS light illuminate or felt the car pull away from me at all - even though I have been a little enthusiastic in my driving given the conditions.

Overall I can't fault these tyres. They have been worth every penny and have made a genuine difference to the feel, ride and handling of the car. Although I know they will wear quickly (perhaps too quickly?) given their soft compound. But I will always trade high levels of grip over longevity as I want to know the car will stick to the road and follow the line I want it to go through around a corner or bend...and the especially so in the wet.

I hope people don;t see this as a spam post :P I thought it important to post back my experiences for the benefit of others who might be needing to make similar choices in the future. As ever, comments welcome :)

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I have had my set on now for just two weeks (600 miles approx).....just fitted before the inclement weather we have been experiencing here recently, and I have to say even for "green" tyres (not in the eco sense!) they have performed perfectly even in fresh snow and very icy far so good.

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