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Hello and welcome to the club mate :)

If you have a search through the IS220/250 section on here there are quite a few topics on the is220 and a few on the 5th injector problems? A few members have found that there cars are now doing less MPG than they were before the recall for the 5th injector change?

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There must be fundamental issues with some of these cars.

Mine is a 57 plate (Sept07), 40k on the clock now, had the relevant 'fixes' over the last year (5th Injector) and I get between 40 - 41mpg each and every tank, sometimes if a long motorway trip, can get it up to 45 - 47mpg.

My average mpg is currently on 40.3mpg over 9,000 miles

probably 65 - 70% motorway driving admitted but do do a fair bit of town driving, especially at weekends

Admitted, mpg even I'm getting is pretty crap for a modern diesal but still way better than a high proportion of you unfortunate owners are seeing

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When I got mine I was getting 40-45mpg.

This dropped all of a sudden, so when it was in for a rattle to the dash I mentioned it as it dropped to 32mpg in a week, they changed the EGR valve which returned it back to 40-41mpg but the performance was terrible, I called the garage and booked back in, they said they would keep the car as long as necessary until they where happy as there where a number of known problems?

I got the car back a week later and it is smoother, faster and now getting an average 41.9mpg, all I was told was that it was the secondary EGR?? no such thing I think, others may know, but I think they cleaned/replaced the manifold and injectors.

While mine was in I had a 58reg IS220d and that felt the same as mine now and returned the same 40-41mpg.

I have always drove steady but now when warm I push the rev's around to near the red in second once a day to blow it through having read some other sites on EGR issues.

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