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How To Remove The Auto Turn-on Headlight For Ls430

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Dear All,

I have some questions about my Lexus LS 430. Can you please advise?

I would like to ask about the headlight. It is automatic turn-on once I start the engine. I already set it to 'off' stage but the headlight still on. Is this the correct system? Can I turn-off this function?

Now I am using this car in Laos. There is no laws about the headlight here so I would like to turn-off it.

Thanks for all your help.


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As far as I know the headlights shouldn't come on automatically when you start the engine. (unless you have the selector in the auto position and it's sufficiently dark.)

I doubt your car is a UK model so might well be wired up differently.

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I dont think you mean auto headlights as Im guessing thats the same as my SC430 in that you have to select it from the stalk.

You probs mean DRL daytime running lights?

If so thats a dealer option under the C-BEST settings. You need to goto a dealer and they can turn it off.

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