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Cheers guys.

I was thinking of the opposite actually, retaining the standard ARB's but just changing the bushes for uprated ones. I'd like the ARB's but can't afford them after my suspension issues cost me dearly :(

But I still have suspension noises that I'd like to be rid of, hence looking at the bushes.

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Let me know if you can get hold of the rear ARB bushes..managed to get hold of a pair of "D" bushes from Toyota for @£30 inc VAT, but just for the front bar. They said theres no bushes number for the rear bar?!?! So im going to have to source them somewhere else somehow! Doesn't make any sense as there are two bars that make up the ARB at the front, and according to gord the messurement for the bars are :-

TTE red Front 28mm diam, effective lever arm 225mm

TTE red Rear 17mm diam, ELA 90, 105, 120mm (adjustable with three holes)

Also spoken to stevie about it and there should also be bushes for the rear bar...or have i misunderstood something?

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It looks like there are three part numbers that make up the rear bushes - 48818-30100, 48818-30110 and 48818-53030.

Don't know why there are three parts, but your Toyota/Lexus dealer should be able to tell you more.

Looking at this again, I'm pretty sure these are three different bushes for different markets. It looks like the second one is the part number for Europe, but as has been said a dealer should be able to help make sure you get the right ones.

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Are the TTE bushes available separately or just with the ARB's? If so are does anyone know if they are rubber or poly?

TTE don't do bushes...........You reuse the OEM ones............

TRD are uprated rubber bushes

No poly bushes available (yet) :whistling:

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