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Importing From U.s.


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I need some help.

I'm moving from the U.S. to London and bringing my RX 330 with me. Do I need to retro-fit the car in any way to ensure it meets UK standards. In reading some of the government websites I noticed a requirement for side lights and rear fog lights which my model currently doesn't have. Are their different emmissions standards that would need to be addressed prior to shipping?

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated.

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SVA will do the rear fog lamp conversion for you as well as getting the speedo to read in miles per hour.

Not sure on what duty VAT you will pay.

If you have to pay it its worked out as the value of the car plus the cost of shipping and 10% of that then 15% of that.

May be an idea to get a valuation of your car made stateside with todays value that may not be a lot which would reduce your tax liability

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I would ask myself if it's cost effective to bring the car over as it is left hand drive and will need work done to conform to UK standards.

Would it not be better to sell the car you have in the US and then buy a UK spec model over here.

US speedos are in MPH so will be OK it's Canada that uses KPH.

I would like to live in Florida loads of cheap cruises from Miami and Ft.Lauderdale nice!!!!

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well i do not know in much details about this but, as far as problem concerned with size of the car, UK Govt. is very much strict regarding this issue.

they do not allow longer and bigger car on their roads. UK is very compact, they ae not as much bigger as US roads.

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