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Anyone Watch The Carl The Cobra Froch On Itv


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Boxing these days you have to admit is not what it used to be. I was watching Carl Froch fight last night on ITV and have to admit it was one of the best fights I have seen for a very long time. Every round was exciting with both fighters going for it right until the end you just dont see fights like that anymore.

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Yes, I watched it.

I didn't even know there was any boxing on TV, I was just channel hopping when I came across it just as the fighters were getting into the ring. :D

It was an awesome fight, as you say, one of the best I have seen for a very long time.

I must admit, I thought Froch was going to get careless in the middle of the fight and end up on his back :outforcount: but he sure can take some punishment, as could the other guy!

I like to watch the Friday night fights on Sky (when they are on). It is always American, there have been some fantastic scraps on there.


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I thought same thing that Froch can realy take some heavy shots and thay just seem to make no differance to his performance at all he just kept coming back stronger. Both boxers were very good.

I dont realy rate Audley Harrison much if you be honest he is not very good at all have no idea how he won a gold medal

The other fight i cant wait for is the manny the pac man and Ricky Hitman Hatton which should be a great fight hopefully as good as the Froch one

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Yeah I watched the whole Froch fight, was really really good despite the lack of knockdowns but that's more a testiment to the two fighters as they both gave and received some pretty hard shots. Fight was a bit messy at times but extremely entertaining and the right verdict was made :), although I wouldn't put pascal to come back as he did look a very good talent and in great physical shape!

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Gutted I missed this fight, was listening to people rave about it on the radio on my drive home after work.

As for Ordinary Harrison..... getting a £1,000,000 fight deal the minute he got off the plane from Sydney,

meant he started to believe his own hype, hasn't ever been really hungry since, and has the stamina...

well the kind of stamina I'd have in the ring... about 1 round then I'd be gasping like a fish out of water :lol: :lol:

Give it up fella.

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