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Poor Cold Starting

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Out of my depth here as mines a 3ltr - but is there an auto choke mechanism on the 2ltr car? If there is then I'd suggest it's stuck open. There's stuff called carb cleaner that comes in an aerosol - if you can get at all of the breathing stuff on the top of the engine and give it a clean with this stuff, it might help - it's worth a try as it's low tech ie easy to do.

Good luck


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i gotta say mine is like that, normally when i turn the key, engine starts in 1 sec no problem. but first thing in the morning in can be 2-3 second before it kicks in, i get worried that one day it might not.

I have noticed that i have white acid powder coming from the Battery, is it new bat time?

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My wife's IS200 is driven by me, my wife and my daughter. Very occassionally I have a problem starting from cold. My wife and daughter have NEVER had a problem i.e. first time every time. The difference, I think, is that I instinctively turn the key quickly, my wife/daughter are more gentle. It could be that the ecu needs a second to set up the car for a start up. I think this for 2 reasons. Firstly, when you turn on the ignition, the dials take a while to "come to life". If this is being repeated in the induction system you could be trying to start the engine on the last settings in the ecu. Secondly when I do eventually get it started it sounds like the old days when cars had sticking auto chokes.

At least this is worth a try and it's free.

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