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Been "wim'd"


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Hi All,

After changing all my 4 tyres recently to Falken FK452 (Recommended by many on the forum) the cars grip and road handling was transformed. However when I did change to the Falken's I had noticed that my front tyres had excessive wear on the inner sides.

Like many others, I have read many topics on the forum concerning this matter and the resolution was to go to wheels in Motion and see Mr Tony Bones. Well On Saturday I made the trip to WIM and had the Geometry set up correctly.

The experience was fantastic and the service was great. Tony really is an expert in this field and explained the procedure and any questions I had, I can highly recommend his services. Also may I add the premises are first class, cleanest garage I have seen in a long time. :)

Well I have not driven the car much since Saturday but will definitely check whether road handling has improved and make sure I do not experience the uneven tyre wear.

All in all a great experience and I can highly recommend WIM services. I advise all to check there front tyres and make sure they are not experiencing excessive uneaven wear.


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Let me know if you are ever going to make the trip Andy, I have plenty Gerrard stickers for your car :lol:

Defo want to do the wim thing and maybe if work improves I may be able to.

Wozza i'm not going to add value to my car by getting wim'd and then make it worthless with pic's of Stevie (used to be a blue) Gerrard :lol:

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