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Ok, changed Battery, to a new Bosch slight issue re terminals, so warning anyone who needs a new Battery to be careful of the terminal positions, the cables only just reached. (see image)

Note: After installing the Battery, I didn't have to wait for a few mins for the car to fire up as in some posts i've seen, maybe that feature is on later models?

anyway the radio is on SEC and I can't input my code I have followed the Owners Manual but to no avail.

any idea's


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Ok sorted it, its was just a matter of which button to press first. Basically the Owner manual says when the radio display shows 'SEC' press the left side of the 1-2 button while holding the UP position of the Tune/Seek button, it is easy to interpret this to mean press the 1-2 button first as I have done, when in fact you should press the Up position of the Tune/Seek button first then the 1-2 button.

They should have worded it:

  • Press and hold the Up position of the Tune/Seek button then Press the left side of the 1-2 button.

Still I have my Muzak back so yippee B)

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