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Am thinking of geting sony psp i like the old retro games. Fire & Ice, Chuck Rock etc anyways I heard someone at work mention you can download them from the net and save them on a memory stick to play them on psp I think thay call them homebrew games was wondering has anyone on here done this what firmware version psp do i need and are the games good quality

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Alrite mate,

I have a homebrew PSP and i'm in the process of sorting it out for another member on here.

I'm not sure what firmare is the highest you can downgrade from, but its constantly improving. But to put it simply you down grade the firmware to the original using a couple of special bits of kit.

The original had a glitch where you could play games through the memorycard that Sony soon fixed with updates.

Then simulate the most current firmware using a program by a hacker call DarkAlex. This way you can play the latest games etc through your memory card.

I found this site here;

where they offer to downgrade it and put the latest software on it for you.


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There are some tutorials here:

As for the quality of the games being emulated, well they are the original games - the emulator just lets them run on newer hardware - so they're identical to how you remember :)

Not tried them on the PSP but used to test the SNES and Megadrive emulators years ago on the PS2 and I remember being happy back then!

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