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Had A Letter From Staffordshire Police Today


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Dear Mr S.

Road Traffic Incident at 12.15pm on 11/10/2008, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent

With reference to the recent road traffic incident in which you were involved, we wish to advise you of the course of action that is intended to be taken.

After considering the facts, it has been concluded that the driver of the other vehicle, Mr. ****** ****** was sufficiently blameworthy to justify further police action. In view of the poor driving judgement shown by this driver, an offer of attendance on a Driver Improvement Course is to be made.

If the driver in question chooses this option they must agree to

  • Compulsory attendance at an intensive training course over one and a half days
  • Payment of an attendence fee
  • Satisfactory completion of a practical driving assessment.

If the driver refuses this option he/she will be prosecuted. Following successful completion of the course a warning letter will be sent to the driver advising that should they be involved in a similar incident within 3 years of the course prosecution may follow.

Finally, I hope you have recovered from the effects of this incident

Yours sincerley

Traffic process office

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Steve might mean :attendence fee

Yours sincerley

Yes those plus I'm sure there were a couple more I can't find now, one was words running into each other.

Never mind.

Does this help the insurance settlement Chris or is this long out the way? I remember getting t-boned by a small motorbike jumping a red light, the other guys insurance refused to pay, despite witnesses, until I sent them a letter from the police saying the guy had pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

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