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Three weeks ago I dropped into Lexus Derby, unfortunately I was running late and only had time for a very, very brief look at an IS 2009 in their showroom which I think was a base SE model. As I don't often go near Derby, I was wondering if anyone has seen IS 2009 cars in showrooms or on dealer demonstration fleets? I'd be particularly interested to see the updated interiors of an SE-I or SE-L especially as the brochure and other details on the Lexus UK web site doesn't seem to contain any close-up photos and most are of the pre-facelift interior.

During the past couple of weeks I've contacted Lexus at Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Woodford and Hatfield. None of these had any 2009 cars although they have supplied a few to customers. The Lexus UK stock of pre-facelift IS cars and the current market conditions seems to be playing havoc with the introduction of the face-lifted version.

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I visited a centre three weeks ago and was told that the revised IS comes out some time next year! Returned a week later after checking this and other websites, told the same thing by someone else.

This indicates that either the staff are in the wrong job or have lost interest and/or they only want to sell old stock at this time.

I really want to see the new colours on the car. They look like mid gold and very dark brown. Does anyone have pictures please?

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