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Rear Subframe Corrosion

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Hi, LS passed mot today (YIPPEE!!!!!) another years motoring ahead.

But ... i had 1 advisement that may be of interest to older LS owners.

The rear subframe has surface corrosion mainly on the outside edges by the wheels but also across the center bar to.

Apparently they are seeing more of this as the years pass and its a cost prohibative job to replace the subframe as just about everything would have to come off.

As well as sourcing a good frame.

They have advised me the best course of action to slow the process is to wire brush off as much corrosion as possible and

waxoyl as much of the frame as possible. Its a job for a workshop with a pit or ramp or maybe the portable ramps but not sure wether the boot overhang would prevent revesing onto these. Access is limited to how much of the frame is visible but

i will be doin mine as and when i can sort some ramp time out somewhere.

Hope this helps and when you next get your car in the air (lol), check the rear subframe.


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Well I'd definitely wire brush off the rust, but Waxoyl do a few different products, as well as the waxy/oily stuff they also do a paint. The paint is thick and black, you might want to spray the subframe in that first, before putting on normal waxoyl. The paint stuff should be more resistant to stone chips etc.

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I would either get hold of another sub frame and prep that one. Then you always have a spare which can be sold on when someone else has a rusty sub frame.

My option,

Get an old sub frame and get it sand blasted to remove all the rust dirt etc. Then treat the surface with some anti rust product and then get a garage to totally underseal the frame(Cheap enough) to stop anymore corrorsion.

This should easily see you the age of the car.

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