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My First Gs!


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Hello all,

got my first gs this week, its a 2003 300 and i have to say i very impresed with it. Previously have had a few soarers (incl the active!) but none can even compare to this so called middle lexus. In my opinion the interior on this car is so much better than anything else. Had to put new discs and pads on today and what an unusual luxury to be able to buy parts off the shelf! In my garage waiting for the right car is a brand new set of latest edition IS 17" wheels with original dunlop sportmaxx tyres mmmmmm....... will post pics tomorrow.

excellent site by the way.

I'm aircon engineer by trade so if i can be of any use to any of you let me know. :D

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Welcome mate.

I used to have a 2001 GS300SE. Even though I have an LS430 there are some things about it I miss. It has one of the most glorious sounding straight six cylender engines in my opinion (M3 CSL aside)and for it's size it always felt smaller than it was. The only thing I never got on with was the buttons on the steering wheel for changing gears manually. They were too small to be usefull.

Hope you enjoy your new car and stick a couple of pickies up.


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