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Mercedes Supercharger

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Ok i got a Mercedes m62 (thanks Carles) but there is this clutch cable(?) attached. the pulley spins freely without turning the rotors. From my research, i think this the cable that activates the magnet that binds the pulley. So does anybody know disable that or rather enable it so it works just like the TTE m62 version?


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cut the cable off and install a few bolts thru the plastic cover that will go into threaded holes in the pulley face- have a look for my supercharger rebuild post and u can see the photos of the arrangement. TTE use 3 or 4mm screws made of chocolate, i have used 6mm bolts but 5mm will be fine

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i would take it to an real engineering firm to have the holes drilled.

if the spacing and circumference is not the same then you will have vibration issues and will destroy the bearing - and it is hard to get hold of another bearing as it is a very unique size.

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yes that is also possible, just need to find one the same size and you are away. I am looking at doing that myself as it then removes the need to have the odd size bearing.

Just be aware the compressor drive shaft has a fine spline fitting.

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