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Lexus GS F Confirmed, LS F Is Pending


Hirokazu Koga, general manager of the Lexus Development Center responsible for the Lexus IS F has made it very clear that Lexus GS F and LS F models are on the horizon. According to Koga-san, the GS F will be touting a 500 hp+ engine, while the LS F model is currently in consideration by the business unit. The highly successful sales of the IS F helped inspire this decision to extend the "F" models, and we'll update you guys with more details on the GS F nd LS F once more info leaks out.

wow that looks mega B)

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Can't wait to see what this turns out like, the GS is where it's at :D

Going to have some serious competition with the M5 and RS6 though so it's going to have to be seriously good - in the current climate personally if I was the guy at Lexus who was going to approve this I have to admit I'd knock it on it's head - sad but true!

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Think that's a Photoshop to be honest, look at the haze in the passenger side panel where it should reflect - also looking at the place it's prob a Japanese tuner who have just slammed it and got some massive negative camber on that front corner!

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Good news the GS-F is on the way, hopefully it'll be just in time for when the markets start to pick up again. They got it almost wrong with the IS-F, and totally wrong with the IS convertible (that should have come about 2-3 years ago)

That also means the LF-A is on the way too as the GS-F is supposed to be using the same engine :whistling:

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