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Full Built 2jz-gte For Sale On Ebay


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Hmmmm 1,000+ horsepower :D

I'd say a tad optamistic..........think it can be done but requires a lot more work and injectors the size of the river thames :whistling:

I'm not going to even watch that i'd be too tempted if the price stayed low. Think they'd be sluice gates rather than injectors for 1k hp

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Think it would be a good investment if it bidding stayed low-ish...and if you keep the horses down to around 400-500bhp and keep the servicing regular...cant see there being many problems.......

Just a tad optimistic at 1000bhp+ :mellow:

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Not sure to be honest mate, looks to have a MAP sensor going into the instake which the VVTI does have but that could be due to an aftermarket ECU!

I've got to admit I've noticed a lot of these engines popping up lately on eBay - there was one down the road in Derby the other day actually straight out of a JZS161 - was proper tempted as it was less than 40k on it!

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