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Passenger Door Won't Lock Manually

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Hi folks,

My 1998 GS300 SE had been sitting a while without use, and the Battery went flat.

The central locking has always been 'iffy' on the passenger rear door. I suspect it is the typical solenoid problem, but I could always lock it by hand.

Since recharging the Battery, the central locking only seems to work on the drivers door, the rears don't open at all, and the passenger front remains unlocked.

I can't even lock it by hand, the button 'pings' back into the unlock position. You can see the button trying to move when I press the central locking button.

Is this a solenoid problem also? I thought it was still possible to lock the door by hand, even if the solenoids are not operating correctly.

I can't drive the car at the moment, as I don't really want to leave it on the street with the passenger door permanently unlocked!

Thanks in advance!

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