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Curb Your Enthusiasm....


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Has anyone seen this US series?

It's about Larry - the guy who wrote Seinfeld - in his everyday life. Well it's a show about his everyday life and he plays himself you see...

ahhh it's actually quite hard to explain!!

But it's VERY funny and I highly recommend it.

It's also FULL of Lexi.

I am hoping for the DVD box set for Christmas! Anyone..? ;)

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It's always advertised on Paramount I think, but never actually seen it yet, will give it a watch when I get a chance..........

I always thought the plural was Lexus's as it's a name and therefore a proper noun :unsure: :P

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+1 for Curb Your Enthusiasm. One of the best things on television. It's on its six series now but still brilliant.

It's probably quite a marmite show as it's filmed without real scripts and takes a while to "get". Closest parallel would probably be "The Office" - but IMO it's much funnier.

But if you identify at all with Larry (most men probably will) then once you "get" it - it's genuinely brilliant.

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