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When Are Satnav Cds Updated?

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I just ordered a GS300 (Series II) Satnav CD and was amazed to see that they sent the 2007/2008 CD.

I talked to Lexus who told me that because I have a 'very old system' in my car, they don't update the CD very often and it might even be a couple of years before a new one comes out.

.. however, another guy at Lexus told me they're updated about every 18 months and that a new one is probably due out very soon.

Does anybody know when these things are released? 2007/2008 seems an incredibly out of date map to sell when it's nearly 2009. My plan is to send it back under the distance selling regulations and buy the new one when (or if) if comes out.

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I had a problem with the latest update, in as much as some of the routing was incorrect.

I was told by Lexus Map Updates that the earliest this would be corrected would be in the version due Oct/Nov 2009


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That's not much good.... The routing in my existing (2004 I think) CD is a bit suspect sometimes so I think I'll be steering clear of an update if it's actually worse.

I think they're a b it of a rip-off these days anyway, you can buy a standalone satnav for about the same price as the Lexus CDs - though I guess it's nice to have it built in, and I have to say I do prefer to Lexus Satnav lady's voice to some of the other units I've heard. :D

Out of interest, are you using the CD version? Is it the '07-'08 disc?

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It was the DVD version the latest which I presume is 2007/2008.

The funny thing is on the problematical route, my 2004 version calculates it correctly.

You're quite right you can buy a standalone satnav for not much more than £50 which calculates the route correctly, or £130 for a disc that doesn't :angry: :angry:


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