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Ajusting French Lexus Is200 Headlamps For Uk Driving


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I have a French Lexus IS 200 and will be driving up to the Uk in a few days. I have to adjust the headlamps for Uk driving. Can anyone tell me how to do this ? Stickers to place on the headlights??

Yes, I your lights will be set to point to the right so you need to change them to point to the left, and I think that the only way to do that is to put some of those stickers on the lenses, I don't think that manual adjustments will doing anything significant on that.

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Most car accessory stores have kits that contain stickers that fix on the outside of your headlights to allow driving abroad. In the UK for example Halfords would supply such a kit. I assume there is a French equivalent?

For example this is what we would use to convert our UK headlights so we could drive in France/Europe:

Headlight Converters for Europe

Hope this helps.


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