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untrue ... but having the correct offset (ET) is VERY VERY important ... get that wrong (too small) and they won't fit ...

put up the exact details of the proposed wheels and we'll tell you if they will work or not ... lots and lots of people on here are running 18's already and lowered too.... ;)

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The guy doesn't know what he is talking about fella (with all due respect).

I have 18" wheels on my IS200 and they don't rub (after rear arch had a slight cut).

Bear in mind I am running fairly huge rubber on the back end, and a huge & heavy boot install.

With no boot install you should be ok. Mine is an SE and not lowered in any way.

Wheel/tyre combination details

Front: 18" x 8" 45mm offset Tyre size 225/40R18

Rear: 18" x 8.5" 50mm offset Tyre size 255/40R18

PCD = 114.3mm


This info below is from the Basic IS200 Wheel/Tyre size guide CLICK HERE

Here are some basic wheel tyre combinations that can fit, if you have any more post them below.

PCD = 114.3mm Offset = 45mm

Standard Rim f/r = 17"x7"

Standard Tyre f/r = 215/45-17

(A -40mm drop is possible with this combination)

18" upgrade f/r =18"x7 1/2"

18" upgrade f/r =225/40/18

18" upgrade f/r =18"x8"

18" upgrade f/r =225/40/18

18" upgrade r =18"x8.5"

18" upgrade r =255/35-18

(A -30mm drop is possible with these combinations, however minor arch rolling is needed with the 255/35 combination)

You could even go to 19's but the ride quality will suffer IMO.

I hope all this information helps fella :)

BTW I have moved this to the Wheels & Tyres forum :D

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