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Lexus 48 Test Drives


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As read here, a guy jokingly suggests using a Lexus 48 hour test drive to take some stuff to the dump, Lexus dealer finds out and goes all sweary on his potential customers....

...I kind of agree with the dealer (abusing 48 hour test drive when you have no intention of buying a Lexus), but swearing at potiential customers :ohmy:

I wonder what Lexus UK would make of this dealer???

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I can see why they might be upset, but when you make a 48 Hour test drive available with a

"no questions asked" policy, you can't then ask questions. The policy is obviously open to

abuse, as in this case. It shows how desperate Lexus UK/Dealers are to get their hands on a

potential new customer.

Let's be honest, even in the most bouyant of financial times, people are still going to look out for "freebies",

and with todays current economic climate, it must be obvious some people will slip through the

vetting process, that really are not potential customers.

I do love the way the guy who reports himself as being a Lexus Dealer says

I speak for every dealer in the network :o :o :o
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On the subject of 48 hour test drives, the local Lexus dealer has an unregistered 250SR parked on a roundabout at the local shopping centre with £19995 down both sides. In the windscreen is a banner saying "Win a Lexus free for 24 hours". Didn't see what conditions there were in the small print. Bearing in mind that you can have a 48 yr test drive, this 24 hr prize seems to have a hint of desperation about it.

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Im an member on that forum and the chap who created the thread was obviously having a joke with the original post and it was just a heads up to others what Lexus are offering.

I sure as hell hope he aint speaking for the rest of the Lexus group as that is some way of loosing customers! lol

He has since replied in the thread quite a few times and has had many a post removed/editied. :)

BTW: i just popped over from TOC where i have been a member for years but cant remember the last time i posted on this side of the fence.. lol

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