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Well Its Defo A Write Off !


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Well this day was going to come one day, when I finally have an accident in the three years since passing, and it had to happen to me beloved lexus. From what I can see is a write off without a doubt, and fourtunally no one hurt at all.

All I am going to say in regards to what happened, just be careful when trying to overtake on country roads !

The top it all off the other vehicle was also a Lexus one of those 4x4's.

Heres some pic of the car mangled up:

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Well done...!


hope the insurance sort it out.....does the engine start up


yh got a Ford Ka as hire for the moment, hopefully insurers will not a be pain, the car started to smoke up after coming to a stand still, so switched the enginer off then got out, and never tried again, i know the electric are fried, with my back lights on, and stuff

Glad no one was hurt :)

Are you going to get another IS then or go for something different this time?

yh defo another is200, same sort of age cause cant afford anything more, i like the shape in white so going to see if i can get my hands on one, all depends what insurers will pay out according to parkers with mileage adjusted looking at 2500 as the value, with 600 excess does not leave me with much.

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OUCH that looks nasty dont it break your heart when u hurt a Lexus :crybaby:

Glad ur ok

In this case, TWO Lexus's :crybaby: (other car was also a Lexus)

Glad you are ok - you are much more important then the car! :)

So what happened?? :question:

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