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Tte Front Bumper


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just lookin through the land of e and found a is200 tte front bumper item number 110328724538 its primed and ready to be painted.

i bought a tte front bumper of these guys arrived very fast too!!

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It does say genuine Lexus bumper (and also that it's used) so unlikely to be a replica unless they're just simply lying (which of course is possible)

I'm not surprised it doesn't say TTE, except for us on here, I doubt many other people know that it's made by TTE (or even that TTE exist). Most people would call it a Lexus Sport bumper (which is what they have) or Lexus Styling Kit which was it's actual name.

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It is/was a genuine one.

yip it was a genuine one. i bought one off this boy a wee while ago except mine came with the mesh but no wee tte badge glad i work for toyota and have one in my tool box.checked all the part numbers on the back of the bumper just too make sure it was real.spoke to the boy and he seems to get a lot of these bumpers.but he doesnt know they are special :winky:

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