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After Fitting The Blueflame


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Look here for fault codes.

P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank #1)

If could just the ECU reacting to the change in back pressure, i'd suggest resetting the ECU, by removing the ETCS and EFI fuses (in the engine bay fuse box) for 30 seconds.

Then just seeing if it stays off,


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The fault said bank one, so am thinking that is the higher of the two sensors,

check them both anyway, then re-set the ECU.

Yeah but according to this page of the manual, the ECU compares the output from the sensor before the cat to the output of the sensor after the cat, and throws up this code if there's a problem. So it could be either of the sensors, and it the post-cat sensor was taken out to swap the exhaust it seems the more likely culprit.

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Yeah make sure that it's not leaking. Also, the sensor right under the car, behind the main cat, looked ok ? I guess it's possible it was somehow damaged when the exhaust was changed.

right i will take it to the garage and see if theres any leaking and if these not then i will just need to take to lexus and see what they say


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