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i have tried to hack into this override opition by going to menu, volume and then touching the top left and then the bottom right and then the top left and the bottom right again but no secret menu comes up can anyone help please? i want to use the screen whilst driving!


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mine is a 55 plate so is this meant to work or does it not have a override function? thanks

Mine's one of the first 2005 manufactured, and the hack doesn't work. Apparently it worked on the US versions, but I don't know how true a statement that is either as various peeps in the US were reporting the hack didn't work for them.

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there is another hack somewhere on here, you turn your lights on and off a few times etc. but i have not tried it as i cant see any real benefits from it? i have unlocked the dvd whilst driving etc, but that DOES NOT alow you to enter destinations to the sat nav whilst moving contarary to popular belief!

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