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Hi Guys, Just a quick note to say that it is now the time to buy if like me you have been thinking of moving to a GS300.

For the past 3.5 years I have loved the IS200SE in Kensington green but I have been hankering for a GS300 and waiting for the prices to come down to sensible levels.

I just got a Jan 2006 GS300SE-L in Canterbury Blue with the sutherland leather. 48000 miles on the clock, like a new car, 10 quid under 14K.

The book price is somewhere around 17 to 19K for one from a Lexus dealer. The car was circa 39K new 3 years ago ! The garage I got it from gave me 2250 for the '99 IS200 with 103K on the clock, which is slightly over book price for trade in.

If you are thinking of getting one now is the time as the garages cannot shift anything due to the credit crcunch and the state of the motor trade.

I am now diving around playing with the Mark Levinson with a permanent grin.

Superb car.

Just watch out for the pressure sensors in the wheels. See separate topic and all will be explained.

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