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Ls430 Option Packs, Info Required.

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Can anyone please help me with the question of options packs that were available for the LS430. I understand that there were maybe two options packs, Premium and another??

How may options packs were there and what were they called, and what did each one include as extras over the standard already comprehensive spec.


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I believe there was a standard LS430 and a Premium LS430. Both had the touch screen satnav. The standard did without the air suspension, electric-heated reclining rear seats with massage, rear fridge, half wood steering wheel, etc. When the LS430 was facelifted in 2003, I believe there were no options. Everything was standard. Reading through my manuall, there may have been a model with heated and cooled rear seats but this option may not have been available in the UK as my rear seats are only heated.

Hope this helps.


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the only option was acc/pcs

i believe this is the facelift model so 53plate and onwards,

acc/pcs stands for

adaptive cruise control - this retains a safe distance between you and the moving vehicle infront when cruise is selected.

Pre crash safety system - this tightens up belts and if it senses a crash

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