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Keeping The Headunit Stock But Changing Speakers.

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hi there,

two of my front speakers a crackling and dont as good they were before so lexus wants £300 for the speakers. i was if i keep the headunit stock and cheange the speakers and amp to aftermarket would it work


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the only reason why i dont want to swap the headunit is because it looks nice and sleek but if i get after market i would want a double din but most good double dins come with sat nav. theres no point buying a sat nav one when you already got sat nav.

so changing the amp over could be done. any place in scotland would do that???


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you will pro find most places wouldnt know where to start as it will mean cutting the loom..

you can get a good double din hu without sat nav...

double din units

both the kenwood and JVC are great DVD units.. with the JVC just edging it..

the nav in the double din units are far better than the oem one too.. i have both!!

Kenwood also do a great double don facia that fits perfect but its pricy at £50 vs the autoleads at about £15 but it will need trimming to fit..

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Agree with Redz about the JVC Double DIN, great value & having heard one the other day,

was quite impressed with the Sound/£££ ratio.

As for Facia, I don't know of the Kenwood one Redz mentions, but click below for my facia thread.

There are options including a genuine Toyota part, or you could easily use the Autoleads kit.

With a bit of modding, the Autoleads facia can be made to look totally stock for Single or Double DIN

Speakers are an easy swap out as stated above, but if you want to amp them as well as keeping the

original OE Head Unit, the wiring will deffo need chopping about. Aftermarket seems like a good option

for the Head Unit, or you could maybe run the replacement speakers off the OE amp. I think 2 members

have it set up this way (Yaumeister & Waynejordan01) with Alpine components running from the OE Amp.

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